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The Real Reason Master Queen Left Hot Fm 107.9

Master Queen
But wait nah, you know I had to find out the real reason why Master Queen left.  I wasn't buying the little cute sentimental bye bye.  I had a one on one conversation with the Diva and here's the real juice.  

"I feel like I have out grown Hot Fm.  Don't get me wrong, it is a great platform and they have treated me well, but there is so much I want to do for the entertainment industry, that I don't think I would have accomplished staying at Hot Fm.   My power at Hot Fm was limited.  I want to be able to uplift the musicians and uplift entertainers as a whole.  Capitol Fm is going to give me the liberty to really promote the entertainers as I desire." Master Queen

Ah, dah it there oh, Hot Fm was holding the girl back from growing.  I hope Capitol Fm is not just giving empty promises oh, they better deliver.


  1. That's her version of the story, I'm a great fan tho but I feel like it was never a good enough reasons to leave, especially when there's room for dialogue. Capitol fm is in the same categories as Hott fm in my eyes. I wonder the limitations she's talking about? Hott fm made her popular and successful so what else? I'm still not convinced this is all there is to it. Someone's not speaking up.


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