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B.I.G (Brothers In the Game) is a  Liberian music production company out of the twin cities, MN.  B.I.G is at the heart of getting things done in the Liberian music industry. This company is rapidly gaining a significant foothold in the Liberian music industry and are on their way to discovering and signing new artists.

B.I.G is made out of a team of eight.  A CEO, a producer, a manager, a media promoter, three artists and a choreographer.  The words that came out of these eight individuals mouths, send chills running down my spine.   My ear was glue to the phone as these young Liberians excitedly discussed their hopes, dreams, visions, innovations, desires, and actions and to include their obstacles and disappointments.   Meet the team B.I.G. 
Sam Berry: CEO
Mr. Berry is responsible for putting together all the pieces to the puzzle, to make it whole.  According to Mr. Berry, "Our whole concept is to empower the Liberian Entertainment community.  We will love to work with Liberian artists, models, songwriters, etc.  Empowering the Liberian Entertainment community is top priority, unfortunately, we do find ourselves going out of the Liberian community to hire models because some Liberian models lack of professionalism, which hinder our work."
George Jackson aka SP: Producer
His job is to oversee and manage the recording of the artist's music,  including, but are not limited to, gathering ideas for the music, selecting songs and/or musicians, coaching the artist and musicians in the studio, controlling the recording sessions, and supervising the entire process through mixing and mastering.
"To gain respect is more challenging.  The lack of support from the promoters is frustrating but we are getting there. A prophet is normally not respected in his own home but we are gaining our respect.  We working hard daily for it and the people have no choice but to give it to us."  Sp. 
                                                   Richard Wesley aka YNot: Manager
This brother is wearing six hats: Business, road, artists, production, tour and technical management.  He's doing it all.  He manage the ins and outs of this company.  He is the go-to-guy. 
"My goal is to see my artists make it in the industry and hopefully come across more artistic manish.  I love my manager job.  I love it because I am very good at what I do.  As a manager, my goal and dreams is to have my artists on BET, MTV and MTV Africa.  To have them known all around the world." YNOT.
Amadu Kamara aka D-zo: Public Relations
Mr. Kamara is the lifeblood of this company.  He is the chief advocate for the company.  He is the mouthpiece for management -- and in political circles known as the press secretary.  He crafts communications policies and oversees the development of all statements and news releases for the company.  In simple terms, he's the media guy.
Nimeley Jikpamu aka Nims: RNB singer
Check out one of his songs, let his talent speaks.
Jasper Freeman aka JFree: Artist/Song writer
He wrote the song Boom Boom Boom
Link to the song, check out this talented brother.:
Othello Karngbaye aka O$T: Rapper/Song writer
O$T going hard, check it out.  Raw talent:
Kona Kollie aka B.I.G First Lady: Choreographer
Ms. Kona is the mover and shaker, the waist twister of the group. 
"I've been dancing since I was a little girl.  I love the craft so much, my love for what I do motivated me to take dance lesson. I have the talent but I wanted to be professional at it.  I had the opportunity to choreograph the Vulukutoo moves in George B video, which  I added my own twist to.   It's a pleasure being the only female on this team.  I feel spoiled, protected and lot of love." B.I.G First Lady
Within the next five years, B.I.G is expecting to be a major music production company within the Liberian Entertainment industry, producing all major Liberian artists.  Expect one of the biggest mind blowing performance from this team on February 22, 2014 at the Liberian Entertainment Awards. 


  1. Good job guys, keep it up, "One day We go make it". Thanks BM for all you do & for bringing these guys to the Liberian populace

  2. Intersting group....


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