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The Real Reasons Women Date ‘Bad Guys.’

Men are not the only ones who find it difficult to maintain the power of emotional commitment.  There are some women out there who are just as guilty as some men. Commitment is scary to these people because, to commit ourselves to the act of loving means that we are committing ourselves to a potentially risky situation in which our tender hearts might be hurt.  Fears of commitment are common to both sexes. 

Most men are naïve to the fact that women enjoy all of the same things they do.  We enjoy the pleasure from receiving sex, not just giving it.  We enjoy the cat and mouse games but for different reasons.  Men chase difficult girls because they natural enjoys the hunt, women chase ‘bad boys’ because they naturally enjoys the seduction process.  Most importantly, we do have the same issues men has when it comes to relationship as well.  As we all know, one of the major issues men face is commitment and surprisingly, there are women with those issues as well.  She is sexually available, physically available, but emotional, she is way of in lala’s land. 

These women specifically goes after the ‘bad guys’ because, deep down in their subconscious, they know that he’s not going to be available for them and they don’t have to worry about their own commitment issues.  But, she do have fun trying to break his walls with her seductive powers.  The moment Mr. Bad Guy becomes Mr. Good Guy, she loses interest, because that means, she has to look in the mirror and deal with the real issues inside and that, she is not ready to do, unless, you are the luckily one. 

When it comes to the subject of being emotional unavailable, women are very good at disguising their short comings. They make it seems like it is the men who are not avaible and willing to commit, which on most cases he’s not but she knew all along.  Subconsciously, that’s why she wanted to be with him in the first place.  For her, it is a win win situation.  If he doesn’t commit, she gets to play victim, if he do decides to change his ways for her, she gets to claim the victory of being a “seductress”, the Cleopatra of her time, the Delilah to Samson, of her time. 

Fellows, don’t get play by these emotionally unavailable women.  You are their targets because they are aware of your internal issues and they are using it against you.  We claim to be attracted to ‘bad boys’ because they are fun, adventurous and less boring.  Well, that is true but there is some psychological reason too.  Majority of these women have daddy’s issues and you are the perfect prey.  They see their fathers in you and you are the perfect opportunity for revenge.  So, while you are celebrating with your homeboys and bragging about how you hit it, they are plotting your downfall. To their defense, they are not even aware that this internal battle is going on, they feel they are just nothing but unfortunate victims of bad men.  In all actuality, they are victims of their own minds. 



  1. Good piece, but a little bit of grammatical editing will make it better!

  2. Well .... I like this piece ... maybe it will help me figure out women if these are true ... always women what women are searching for ... especially when you try to fulfill all their desires ... seems to most men that women don't want "good men" anymore and use them solely as 'providers' and 'escorts'. You should share this piece on FB or one one of the shows like Sista to Sista ... It will be interesting to hear what the guys and gals think about this. Good piece.

  3. I love seeing sharp, smart and beautiful ladies from the Motherland do great and positive things to lite up Liberia, Africa!
    Keep up African Queens!!


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