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Upcoming Liberian Artist Flex Threatens Controversial Blogger Berenice Mulubah

Upcoming Liberian artist, with the hit song "Fire the Demons Dem", threatens Liberian Controversial blogger Berenice Mulubah.  The blogger is known for her controversial articles and has a strong fan base from that.  Yesterday on her Facebook profile, she posted this competitive post between Trapco artists Mazee Blanco and Bucky Raw. 

The post had both artists fans fired up, eventually leading into a video made from each artist claiming the crown.  
Flex didn't take the stirred kindly.  He took to social media, claiming that the blogging is stirring up division between both artists and threatens to take matters into his hands.  Check out the video he made.  


  1. He said some right and some wrong.
    Let's not just follow the negative words he made.
    But flex you control you anger next time.
    I can understand the level of love you've got for Liberian music but you need to apologize for the negative comments.
    And to you B M, just let it go OK.
    That's what make you a blogger.
    You will more to come even more them this.
    All you do is just don't be deter OK.
    These things happen even among big artist and well known blogger.
    But that's the beauty of the game.
    The LA gic l see here is both parties are trying to promote Liberian music.
    Let us all come together and make Liberia great OK.
    I love you all but God love you the best.
    Message from the medical group;
    Phebe para medical alumni center 4 medical education.
    May God bless you all.


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