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An Exclusive Interview: kolawole Sunday Isaiah, CEO OF SCOOPNAIJA / SCOOP CONCEPTS MEDIA

Kolawole Sunday Isaiah

Within the last six months, I have come to the realized that the blogging community is a small family community.  Rubbing elbows with each other aka networking, is part of the business.  In an extensive interview, C Liberia Clearly caught up with one of Nigeria's finest in the media world, Kolawole Sunday Isaiah, from Scoop Naija/Scoop Concepts Media. 
Scoop Concepts Media wins Best Emerging PR Brand at Miss Tourism Nigeria

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Check out this all out interview.

       Can you tell us a little about yourself, and Scoopnaija?  

My name is kolawole Sunday Isaiah, CEO OF SCOOPNAIJA / SCOOP CONCEPTS MEDIA.  I am from a polygamous family, first born of of family of four, from  mother and dad side. I attended Salvation primary schools, Agbara Ogun state in Nigeria, later proceeded to Agbara Community high School, Edu agbara Ogun state Nigeria. Finally, to Lagos state university, where I studied Mechanical engineering. Growing up was not easy.    My mother went through a lot raising us.

Scoopnaija is an entertainment website which focuses on promotions of  music and  content distributionsIt's a daughter to the Mother Company, SCOOP CONCEPTS MEDIA, which is a PR company that handles some top up and coming artistes, brands and events in Nigeria and Diaspora. Scoop Concepts was registered 2014 and since then we have handled a lot of artistes, events and brands in general. Some of our clients include , Mr MayD(Nigeria),  W4 Mr Wonda (Nigeria),  Samklef (Nigeria), Flex B (nigeria),  Igos Wazobia fm presenter (Nigeria),  Ruff and Smooth (Ghana),  G-rize (Liberia),  Dj Hazan (Nigeria), to include 
events like : Miss tourism Nigeria, Igos Live (comedy Concert),  Lagos Fashion awards), Olamide Live in Chicago (US) by Afrobeat Production Chicago

   How long have you been a PR? 

I have been into the activities of public relations for a while now, even before I registered my company in 2014. Fully indugled into the publicist world in 2007 and I have grown to understand that this is the angle am best fit in.

     What inspired you to become a promoter?

 I didn’t really grew up with my parents. I grew up with our family friend, the late Mrs Fadipe, Ex Vice principal of Corona Secondary School, Agbara Estate Ogun state, Nigeria. Her children and cousins are more into entertainment, some stays in SA, some London, they are part of the organization who brought Benin man to Nigeria 2003, in association with Grafton entertainment. So my main inspiration is from interest  derived from seeing them do a lot of activities in the music industry and also getting more close to the celebrities, to really know how they lived their lives and also the challenges of being one. I can remembered back then, where I grew up, most of my friends were always music lovers and I thought to myself, we all can never be on the same line  I looked at how I could be different but also still helped them, then I thought of handling artiste promotions, then along the line I came across the relations part of it.

  What are the differences and similarities of a PR and a Promoter? 

PR focuses on maintaining the good reputation of the company in the media, while Promotions is the overall process of boosting public awareness of a product, person or service.

     How do you balance the two?

  Well sometimes I get tired but to maintain the standard of the company, I try as much at times to spread the job and also I try to apply the system called division of labour.

     What’s the best part of being a PR? 

Best part is publicizing a brand without scandal, it's always easy but once your brand starts getting scandal, then you will need to work yourself and that aspect is more hefty.

     What’s the most frustrating thing?  

Client not knowing anything about what you are doing and still find it hard to listen to you. And sometimes it can be so demanding.

  Do you find that media personnel's support each other? 

Well, I will say yes, because I have always received support growing in the industry,  even though am still growing.

   If you had to choose between being a promoter and a PR, which one would you choose? 

 Promoter lol

  Can you remember your very first client? 

My very first client was an upcoming artiste BRACE but I don’t think he is still that much into music.

  What do you wish someone had told you about the entertainment business before you started?  

Hmmmm, nothing really because I was favored with my start, starting with the right connect and links.

  Is there any advice that you would like to give people who are thinking about becoming a part of the entertainment industry?  

My advice is get educated first and stay focus on what  makes you happy and seek God always.

   What’s next for you, any big ambitions for it? 

Yes, a very big one as am still in process, but soon the world will find out about the next project.

   Where can we find you, social media accounts etc? 

twitter @scoopnaija @scoopconcepts and personal handle @ekitifirstborn.  Instagram : @scoopnaija @scoopconceptspr and my personal handle @thatonegratefulguy  website


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