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5 Best Liberian Drinks

By Berenice Mulubah
These five best Liberian drinks are potent and tasty. There is more to Liberia then civil war or Ebola. Liberians brew up some of the best drinks on the planet. Check out my personal favorites.

Club beer
Club Beer: When it is chilly, pissy cold, it is the most refreshing beer on the plant.

Palm Wine: It is commonly known by the locals as From-God-to-Man. This drink is a product from the palm tree. When freshly made, the alcohol content is about 12%, but it gets stronger by the minute.  

Cane Juice
Cane Juice: It's a rum made from sugar cane.  If you are  light drink, two shots will knock you off your feet.  

Ginger beer
Ginger Beer: It is a non-alcoholic drink made from ginger.  So good, so refreshing, so tropical.  

Lemongrass tea
Lemongrass Tea: I don't know what I am more in love with, the smell or the taste.  The smell of the tea when brewing is so relaxing, the taste is even better.


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