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90% of Liberian Entertainers are not built to handle fame: Find out why

You don’t have to pursue fame to live your calling as an entertainer, but a good percent of creative people, want fame.  Most Liberian entertainers I have spoken with, which is many, are seeking fame.  But, how many of these entertainers can handle fame and truly understand what they are seeking?  

The bitter truth: 

"To be a celebrity means to have more than the usual assaults on one's ego," says Charles Figley, Ph.D., director of the Psychosocial Stress Research Program at Florida State University. "You're very vulnerable to the personal evaluations of other people. The public is ultimately in control of whether your career continues."

Figley, who is writing a book on the stresses peculiar to celebrities, conducted a survey in which 200 questionnaires were mailed out to names randomly selected from a list of the public's top-ranked celebrities. From 51 replies, he compiled a list of the primary sources of stress for celebrities and their families, as well as their reactions and solutions. Most of the questionnaires were completed by the celebrities, the rest by a spouse, friend, or adult child of the celebrity. The top 10 stressors, in order, were:

the celebrity press


threatening letters/calls

the lack of privacy

the constant monitoring of their lives

worry about career plunges


lack of security

curious fans

worries about their children's lives being disrupted

Do you think Liberian celebrities are ready to handle those stressors listed above?  I don't think so.  On social media, we have observed our celebrities spending countless hours bending and dodging those bullets, as they demand an industry of nothing but positive vibe.  In their quest to seek heaven on earth, they follow individuals for are selling them fantasy, some promising them media outlets of nothing but positive news and free promotions.  Little do they know, with every career path, there are hills and mountains you must climb.  To gain fame, you can not avoid the harsh reality listed above.  


  1. The reason Liberians celebrities are not where they need to be is because they catering mostly to the Liberian community...mostbof their fans and followers on social media are sadly comprised mostly of the Liberian community...
    A community that only cripple their career and take them no where..a community that onlybjudge and criticizevthem with out having a clue about the entertainment business...once Liberians begin to cater to other communities they will be known worldwide and succeed
    You Bernice Mulbal claim that most are on level 2 but are you not a Liberian so celebrity yourself? Which level are you on? With only less than 200000 followers...having been around for so long you should be on the level of Linda Inkeji if you were that good of a blogger.
    Truth is your are only a celebrity within the Liberian community and you are on the same level 2 as the rest of them so you need to branch yourself as well.
    You use your platform to cripple and destroy the Liberian entertainment constantly put artists down and cripple their career...I sit back and watch the whole time...may God have mercy on you dear for the damage you are doing to a thriving nation(Liberia) in the entertainment industry...
    Why can't you learn to blog support for Liberian artists?...

    1. Your comment is unnecessary .... Majority of Linda followers are Nigerians... supporting your own is not wrong.... Linda did not acquire all of those followers overnight... Berenice keep doing what you are doing... As the Bible says everything has time... Your comment is not constructive criticism...


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