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Meet The Man Who Stole Precious Lakis's Heart

For a woman like designer Precious Lakis of Precious Pieces Couture, whose career is so public, she tends to keep her personal life on the down low. Luckily for us, she’s so in love with her boo Yeahmu Kynea, that she’s happy to share it with C Liberia Clearly family! 

The pair, who have only been officially dating for a little over a year, were spotted at Monrovia Fashion Week in Philadelphia this weekend.  

Mr. Kyne moved down from Fort Worth, TX three months ago, to be closer to his hunni.  Congrats to the new family.  


  1. So for the sake if clarity, I'm guessing he divorced his wife??

  2. And he didn't live in Austin. Check your sources again

  3. This Negro is a deadbeat. He has no job. Hasn't had one for over 3 years. He smokes weed on a daily basis. He's abusive, obsessive, over jealous and an opportunist. Had Precious in high esteem but she really feel it for herself.

  4. Love these two and pray God's protection over their relationship. ~Choicy Di~

  5. Mr. kyne. I am so disappointed in you. For the sake of respect for the woman that shared blood for you. You should not be posting things like this. Mark my words your daughters will hate you for this. To a woman and mother you should know better. You messed around with this man knowingly that he has family but the next chapter of Mr. Kyne drama will be yours.

  6. Funny that you Mr. Kyne can go on social media and say that your never been married but in the court of TX you are divorcing my cousin. Be careful what you say and do because karma is a fuckung bitch.

  7. Mr. Kyne i don't care what you do with your life BUT when it comes to my cousin I am not stand by and allow you and your next chapter blacken her name. You were with her for 9 years and 2 children and you asked her to marry you. She must have good to you. But now you got a new toy so you want to be negative to my cousin. Remember what goes around comes around. Food for thoughts .

  8. yeahmu we still remember what you did at BSU! You tried to rape and sodomize a young lady! yep you were arrested and you are registered on the md sex offenders list. You took a tranny to your apartment! You literally fiucked over every friend that you had! you got a young lady pregnant, left her and YOUR son in MD and got married! You are a womanizer and you will get what is coming to you! low key fag!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Lavern Johnson has two baby daddies. None of them have a college degree.


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