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Flex Wears $10,000 Fur Coat to the Liberian Entertainment Awards 2017: Find out who style him and how much it cost

15 March 2017 / Berenice Mulubah 

Flex and team at the Liberian Entertainment Awards 2017
For Flex, the Liberian Entertainment Awards is not just an ordinary event, but THE Event for the Liberian entertainment industry. The artist told C Liberia Clearly, "We took the LEA serious and we had to dress ready for that situation."   Being dressed for the situation to Flex is about setting a trend and wearing the best.  The best for Flex is a $10, 000 usd fur coat, a $3, 500 shoes and a $2,500 suit.  Flex was styled by Fiskani.  Fiskani is a stylist who styled John Legend, Tyress Gibson and more.  

Check out her website below. 


  1. hmm, he has the style of an entertainer. Money speak there na. lol
    Your name prove what u wear. "Flex"

  2. Nice, but you can still look nice without spending too much �� Money ��. He's a one hit wonder... Since "Holy Ghost Fire �� the Demon", He hasn't came with anything else. If I was him I would be saving the small money �� I received from Akon and make an investment instead of showing off. True definition of a country man, you can tell his ass ain't never had shit... ��️ �� ��

  3. Mydear that's our liberian people for you. They're lack the knowledge and wisdom. Buying a 10,000 coat when he don't even have a decent car or house to call his own. Am sure he has family members back home to help or like you said he needs to invest in something beneficial. Trust me not the first and he won't be the last. So fake fake life they all on.

    1. Lol! Shut up no one cares about your long speech. Get your money up! Maybe if go kill dog you will be able to wear your owna fur coat!

  4. Chey Liberian people your leave the man it's his money he can use it whatever or however he want to

  5. You Liberians be worrying about the wrong thing. Is it your money? Do you know how he got the money? When he didn't had anything did any of you help him get to where he is now? Let him use his money however he want. When he go broke that's his own problem. How sure are you he's not investing? Or y'all just wanna run your mouth like always.

  6. Ok, all i want and will like to know is the designers of all those "expensive" things he's wearing. The editor need more research and get back to us. For example, "shoes by Clavin Klein cost $2,500....."

  7. Liberian people let the boy live. Jesus Christ Liberian people always want to bring, one and another down. Smh...

  8. Please...That Wangst ia wearing some sarry arse fleece coat from the thrift store in Woodland. He is broke! "Holy Ghost fiya" didnt give that sarry lil clown more the $787.47 cents. Please dont elevate this broke arse degenerate!

  9. Please...That broke arse Wangsta ia wearing some sarry arse fleece coat from the thrift store in Woodland. He is broke! "Holy Ghost fiya" didnt give that sarry lil clown more the $787.47 cents. Please dont elevate this broke arse degenerate!


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