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Pillz Speaks Against Sexual Assault and Rape

29 March 2017 / Berenice Mulubah 

Liberian artist Pillz posted a powerful message this morning on social media, speaking against sexual violence.  Check it out below. 

A Girl Child 👇
Our society today is so terrible 😭 85% of our girls are doing prostitution job to survived while 5% are kids and they're selling on the streets. our girls are not protected, they're vulnerable to danger at anytime, their life is at risk and we gotta find a way to help them out.
Everyday we hear on radio; (Say no to Rape and child abuse)
What are we doing to stop these things? Are we just gonna sit and broadcast?
Why can't we move to the various communities and Ghetto's? Why can't we tell those girls on the streets that there's a better life for them and let them know the danger they're in while living in the streets.
We can provide jobs training for them, we can teach them how to value themselves.
We need to console them, we need to make them know that we are here to listen, we need to educate them.
Government officials should be the one's setting up a team to promote girls education and not for them to be abusing them, they should be the one's sponsoring women empowerment projects and not for them to be calling them hoes😢


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