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10 March 2017 / Wesseh Koiblee

Wesseh Koiblee

+ Where are Yams Grown

Yams are a primary source of food in west Africa as well as in new Guinea. It is the thought that the Yams date's back to 8000bc when they were fist grown in Asia and Africa.
Yams are still a vital commodity of the African culture as it is a food staple used in that region for survival.
Because Yams can be store for long period of time, up to 6months unrefrigerated, they are the main food source in Nigeria especially during the rainy season when food is scarce.

+ Nutrients found in Yams

Yams have an abundance of nutrients that are important in a healthy diet. They are high in

 -* vitamin B6- 

which is a coenzymes and helps regulate the system in our body. Yams are also high in 

- * Vitamin C- 

which is important in cellular health by removing the radicals from the body which may cause cancer.
Because Yams are rich in
 potassium but are low in sodium, this helps keep a steady balance of sodium and potassium in the body which helps to protect from 
heart disease and osteoporosis.
Yams are low in saturated fats which can promote a healthy heart and help fight heart disease.

+ Health benefit of Yams

Yams contain a high fiber content which promotes a healthy digestive system and may prevent irregularity and gastrointestinal issues.

*Vitamin C

Very high in yams, essential for healthy cellular growth and eliminating the free radicals that cause cellular damage and lead to the growth of cancer cells.

* Vitamin B6

Which is found in large quantities in yams, is essential for a healthy and properly working liver.
Yams also help the system lessen premenstrual syndrome because they are rich in folic acid and other B Vitamins which help to detoxify an over abundance of estrogen which is the leading cause of premenstrual syndrome.

#* Fats 
In a study conducted by ;
Wen-Huey Wu,PhD,
Li Yun  liu,PhD,
Cheng-Jih Chung, Ms, Rd,
Hei- Jen Jou , MD , 
TZong- An Wang- MD 
It was found that women whom replaced their usual food with Yams for a period of 30days will improve the status of 
* antioxidants, 
* Sex hormones, 
* And lipid in the body;
The effects of which can reduce the chances of


This is a good news for all women.
Take advantage of this knowledge now.
I love you all but God love u best.


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