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Liberian Male Celebrities Who Look Better In Person

11 March 2017 / Berenice Mulubah 

This gone weekend, I had a great time in Washington DC, at the Liberian Entertainment Awards, hanging with the who's-who and What-what of the Liberian entertainment industry within the United States.  It was great meeting so many talented individuals, and boy oh boy, I met some amazing folks.  Most looked as they do on social media, but few are just not photogenic.  I excluded the female celebrities out of this article, because majority of them look the same in person. Only few look different, and not in a good way.  For now, let's check out these guys. 

DJ Chirpz, CEO of Lib Record Pool.   Listen, this fellow is cute as a button.  In person, he look so adorable.  I just wanted to give him a kiss on his cheeks when I met him. Yep, that's how cute he looked, just like a little kid.  His smile, goodness, heart melting.  He should be in a movie.  But then again, maybe not, I don't think the cameras like him.  

 Killa-lu D'boss, dude just look so rough in his photos.  Your first reaction, looking at his photos, will be, "what the hell, dude don't look like a celebrity."  Don't let those photos fool you.  In real life,  trust me, he has star power.  He is a very dark, tall and handsome man, with a lot of celeb status and the charms to go with it.  

DJ Ant Flah, he always look so tired in his photos, never cracks a smile, but in person, he has that facial hair working in his favor and those pop eyes are very catchy.  He's a chill dude.  He looks so good in person.  Photos are not doing him any justices.  

Socialite Gucci man.  What makes Gucci man look different in person, is not his looks, it's his aura.  His aura is very yellow, it makes him mellow and charming.  He is very lovable in person.

Now and days, he is calling himself "Li Son". He do look good in his photos, but even better in person.  He is very tall and handsome, with a command air that says, "go tell everyone say I here." 

These are my top five guys who look so much better in person.  The rest look just as wonderful as they do in their photos and videos.


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