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SOG Clears the Air: The Inspiration and True Meaning of the Song "Brother" by CIC Reveals

9 March 2017 / Berenice Mulubah 

Below is an official statement from SOG records, hoping to bring some clarity to the controversy  surronding their artist CIC song "Brother".
"This is to clear the air way about fallacy speculating that SOG recording artist, CIC, saw the untimely death of our fallen Legend quincy B.  Rumors have surface that CIC recorded the song "Brother" because he saw the death of his fellow artist QB.  CIC started recording the song "Brother" the day before the peace concert that was held at the ATS by cultural ambassador Julee Endee.  The peace concert was the inspiration of the song, he called fellow SOG Records Artist Casimoney and SOG RecordS program video director MECOSE to give their views on the concept of his new project, Casimoney who was featured on the song, suggested that the song be base on love but CIC and MECOSE insisted that it be a peace song because Liberia is about to go through elections.  The lines in the song that get more people saying that it is a sign of QB death, "I wish you were na far away" and "my pekin I wish you was here to stay," CIC was picturing an environment where one is expecting his/her friend, neighbor, or fellow man to watch his/her back, which is a form of love and peace.  The song was intended to featured amb. Julee Endee, but when SOG records CEO King Jaffar and CIC went at her office, they were told that she was way too busy with the peace concert, according to her staff. The song was released December 24th, as part of the SOG Records 2016 mixtape, but it was recorded back in early October 2016." SOG Records


  1. my team, you people don't worry it's poor analysis. I can say, his death was nature.

  2. C.I.C, that entire song was base on Peace and Love as SOG Record have stated. Nothing to worry about brother.
    Quincy B himself danced that song!

  3. This song is all about Keeping the friendship and brotherly love.

  4. People need to stop assuming shit, and just appreciate good art of music when they hear it..... Big up to the boys for creating and multiplying Liberian music.

  5. Liberian need to understand that nature death do exist. My lovely Liberian musician is going to Rest with the Lord. If his death was caused by someone who are we to judge or know that person, only God can do that so let us all pray for our son, brother and Friend to find REST with the Lord. Let his death make us to units and be our brothers and sisters keepers.

  6. C.I.C.&Quincy B' wer one n CIC wsnt a prophet 2 c Quincy B' death... I got ur back C.I.c...

  7. C.I.C don't listen to these fake haters keep doing ur thing officer

  8. I think we need to trash this speculation..artist all around the world sing or write about themselves or situation about another person or happening within a given society. CIC is not God to predict the death of Quincy B. Let's transfer our support we had for the late Quincy B to his unborn kid, family and CIC. Thanks


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