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Former Stripper Sandra Johnson Claims Cypha D'King is Gay - Uses Girls as Cover Up

Cypha D'King and Sandra Johnson
Former stripper, Sandra Johnson reached out to C Liberia Clearly, telling her story.  She claims that Cypha D'King is gay and was used as a cover up.  Sandra told C Liberia Clearly, during a phone interview, "when we first started dating, I asked the producer/artist if he was gay, because the streets were talking, but he told me he wasn't.  Surprisingly, one night after the club, we went to his house, he was tipsy, he undressed and there it was, he was wearing a feminine pad, the dude was bleeding from his anus.  I asked what was going on, he had nothing to say."  C Liberia Clearly reached out to Cypha D'King, the producer/rapper claimed that he has never had a personal relations with Sandra.  

We got back with Sandra, letting her know Cypha response to her claim.  She was shocked.  She told the media that they did have relations, claiming that she at one point had an abortion, it was last November and it was his baby, claiming he paid for the abortion.  

                                                       We hope these two work things out. 


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