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PRESS RELEASE : African Girls Rock Expresses Appreciation for a Well Attended Event

The committee of African Girls Rock (Eugene Roques, Albert Karyah and Kadie Dickey (aka Ms. Kay)), extends a heartwarming thanks to all those who came far and near to support African Girls Rock event, which was held on April 30th, 2016. It was a great turn out. The process for this year was for EVERYONE to go ahead and nominate African females (not just Liberian, Nigerian, etc) they thought was doing positive things in their communities per various categories. From those nominations, people were selected to be voted upon. The nomination process will start a little early for next year.  Stay tune to our Facebook page and website for updates. 

The red carpet was schedule to start at 8pm and by 7:30pm, people were already in the building. For the first time in a long time, we were of aw and proud that our people showed up on time  and the numbers increased by the minutes. 

This year's show was hosted by Precious Lakis (of Precious Pieces) and Rachael Taye (aka Lib Diva). They did an awesome job.  The crowd was kept entertained and engaged. 

Also the show wouldn’t have been so esthetic without the awesome performances from all the artists that did their thing. 

We thank you all. Finally, we would like to congratulate all the 2016 winners. The committee would like to say that we are very proud of all these ladies that won and also appreciate all those that were nominated. YOU ALL ARE QUEENS AND YOUm ROCK! We have improved a whole lot from last year to this year and we hope to get even better next year, April 29th, 2017 by God’s grace. For more information, photos, updates or those interested in sponsorships, please check out our fan page on Facebook (search for “African Girls Rock”) or visit our website at Thanks to all our staff members that work that night…we appreciate you. Remember to be proud of who are as an African and know that YOU rock


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