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Top Ten Liberian Females With Promising Music Careers

These talented Liberian females are using their talents to climb the musical ladder within the Liberian music industry.  Knowing the music business, it takes more than talent to make it in the 'game' and these ladies have the full package, from voice to looks and vibe.  All they need is a little bit more sassy, strong knowledge of the music business and a whole lot of discipline. If they master the 'game' and play the 'game' with intend to win, within no time, they will be all the way to the top.  In no particular order, here are the top ten Liberian females with very strong possibilities of making it on the international stage. 

1. Munnah

2. Lortonio

3. Mai Myers 

4. Sweetz

5. Kona

6. Pillz 

7. Nyae Slanger 

8. Faithvonic 

9. Skylett White

10. Snoti 

There are so many talented and beautiful females within the Liberian music industry, unfortunately only 10 can fit on a Top 10 list.  This is C Liberia Clearly Top 10 pick.  


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